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The Nebraska Development Network works to connect business and community leaders throughout the state with people within organizations, agencies and the private sector who have stepped forward as partners in community and economic growth.

Nebraska is internationally recognized as a leader in economic growth because of the strength of its local communities and the Nebraska spirit that unites people with resources, empowering communities to successfully compete in the global environment.

More than 475 organizational members represent 8,000 individuals within the Network. Members include businesses, educational institutions, elected officials, governmental agencies, chambers of commerce, statewide associations, commissions, tribal governments and utilities.

Turn to the Nebraska Development Network for assistance with customized:

Network Purpose

The mission of the Corporation is to assist communities through education to succeed in a global economy. The purpose of the Network shall be to create and support throughout Nebraska, community and regional development capacity that:

  1. Recognizes shared local responsibility for shaping the community's and region's economic future;
  2. Generates and focuses public and private resources on effective actions that help communities and business to grow and prosper; and
  3. Encourages public-private partnerships thereby leveraging limited public resources through private investment.
The Network shall be enterprise and resource focused, and community and regionally based, with support from local, regional, state, and federal public and private resources.

Network Objectives

  1. To support communities to initiate and plan their own economic futures by providing them with comprehensive information about the principles of community and economic development.
  2. To provide communities with more accessible, coherent, efficient, and effective services through the cooperative voluntary efforts of its members.
  3. To increase the resources directed towards economic development by building support within communities, volunteerism, cooperation at volunteer level.
  4. To expand the leadership base in communities and to train leaders in the concepts of "entrepreneurial communities" -- strategic planning, community development and effective economic development.
  5. To strive for sustainability with this program by achieving consensus among Network members, state government leaders and communities regarding the economic concepts fundamental to the visions that is the framework of the Network as stated in the purpose statement.
  6. To support the work of the Region Network Groups.

NE Development Academy
Community Builders
Nebraska Rural Development Commission
Nebraska Urban Community Improvement Program

For more information on the Nebraska Development Network, please contact:
The Nebraska Development Network
Jo Lowe
1200 N Street Suite 610, Lincoln, NE 68508-2022
Fax: 402-471-8690

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